Mold Remediation

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Our Mold Remediation Services

Duraclean understands the variety of health, safety, and liability issues associated with mold issues. We have a broad range of experience in mold remediation projects including schools, hospitals, government facilities and residences. Duraclean has developed containment and remediation techniques to ensure compliance with industry guidelines such as the EPA and IICRC. By using proper containment, cleaning, removal, disposal and monitoring procedures, Duraclean has established a solid track record of trusted and proven performance in mold remediation.

Here are some of the problems caused by moisture:

  • Exposure to mold is not healthy and causes a wide range of health problems
  • Mold damages furnishings, wood and compromises the integrity of the structure
  • Molds can be found almost anywhere and grow on virtually any substance

Duraclean resolves your mold issues.

Duraclean has a highly trained staff of remediation supervisors and technicians who hold industry certifications in water damage and mold remediation. Accurate record keeping and documentation, strict adherence to industry guidelines and remediation protocols along with trained remediation specialists make Duraclean your best choice for successful post remediation verification.

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